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50,000 acre lease block

Bakken: Three Forks Oil Shale

Roosevelt County, Montana.

Seismic Shoot Almost Completed
Montana Bakken Shale Presentation

The Poplar West Prospect is located in east central Montana on a large structural feature, the Poplar Dome. The dome was the site of some of the earliest drilling in the Williston basin in 1924. Oil Production was first established on the Dome in March of 1952 from the Madison formation. The Dome is an excellent place to look for hydrocarbons in resource plays such as the Bakken formation because of its dominant structural expression and focal point of regional hydrocarbon migration pathways.  It is a common expression in our industry particularly with respect to new play concepts such as the Bakken “ The best place to look for new oil is where it has already been found.” 



Attached are a couple of photos from Clark Farms 29-10 Well.

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