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has been a registered Operator in Texas and Louisiana for oil and gas field operations since 1996 and with actual drilling operations for more than 8 years. Harvest Petroleum has actively participated in over 200 wells in different stages of oil and gas field development.

Harvest Petroleum can act as a contract operator for other owners.

Details are posted on project history link now!!

We work with industry partners concerning drilling, re-working, and improving existing production in the gulf coast area of Texas and Louisiana.

We have operated or participated with other industry partners in the producing basins of Texas, Louisiana, California, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

20th AnniversaryHarvest Petroleum affiliations:
Member of SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers
Member of AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Member of HGS - Houston Geological Society.
Member of DGS - Dallas Geophysical Society

NuTech Energy Alliance

Operator # 363117
Texas RRC.


Oil: Bullish OPEC agreement, waiting on details

• Goldman-Sachs : Commodities Research - Nov. 30, 2016

OPEC ministers meeting in Vienna today (Wednesday, November 30) reached an agreement to cut production by 1.2 mb/d from October levels to 32.7 mb/d for six months starting in January (based on OPEC secondary sources). This deal achieves a broad consensus with Libya, Nigeria and Indonesia exempt, a modest growth allowance for Iran based on secondary sources and a 4.6% cut across other producers. Non-OPEC members are expected to join as well, reducing production by 0.6 mb/d with Russia accounting for half of this cut. Discussions between OPEC and non-OPEC producers are only scheduled to take place later however, potentially on December 9 in Doha. Finally, during the press conference, the Qatar energy minister did not specify that the OPEC cut would be contingent on non-OPEC participation and stressed instead the expected commitment of Russia....


Crude Oil Markets: 2016 and Beyond

• Joseph R. Dancy, Faculty Advisor, SMU Spindletop Fund - Nov. 17, 2015

1. Oil Prices Are Volatile & Difficult to Forecast

Crude oil prices have been more volatile this year than at any time since the financial crisis of 2008. Volatility is a major concern for active portfolio managers as it reflects on the stability of the markets. Periods of high volatility tend to be associated with periods of high systemic risk to the system, with unforeseen and unpredictable events. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission last month revealed that there have been 35 "flash crashes" in American oil markets alone so far in 2015 - making price forecasting all that more difficult...


Feedback to "lower for even longer": tail risks keep investors sidelined

• Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research - 16, 2015, at 7:39 AM, Nelson, John C.

Feedback to "lower for even longer": tail risks keep investors sidelined Less pushback on oil view, partly due to demand concerns Investors were generally receptive to our lower for even longer oil call as many see a prolonged down-cycle possible given the supply side of the market may take longer to find a new margin of adjustment. The biggest debate centers on how long the recovery will take and whether upside oil price optionality is capped by abundant short cycle US supply waiting to be produced. Investors appear more concerned on demand - that decelerating EM/China demand could extend the duration of the rebalancing period and create near/medium-term downside oil price risk. ...


Lies, damn lies, and commodity forecasting!

• DAVID PURSELL and BRANDON BLOSSMAN, Tudor Pickering & Holt

An $85/bbl oil price outlook is maintained for 2016, as weak oil prices, balance sheets, and significantly reduced drilling activity will
create a net, non-OPEC supply decline in 2016. For North American natural gas, it is much the same story-less drilling activity makes for less gas production growth in 2016, and a much tighter market.

Global oil prices have fallen more than 50% since mid-2014, Saudi Arabia is sitting on the sidelines, and global demand remains the monster in the closet. OPEC's Thanksgiving Day "commodity massacre" set the stage for another leg down in oil prices, when the organization opted to make no change to current production targets, nor did they set plans for an extraordinary meeting in February. Essentially, OPEC said "See you in June,"' which gave neither support nor leadership to an increasingly oversupplied market ...


Investors More Bullish On Lower Supply

Goldman Sachs: Equity Research - Wednesday, May 27, 2015 : Top 420 feedback:

Framing short-/long-term oil debate; positioning into OPEC/2Q

Key investor pushback to our lower oil price environment
We highlight several key areas of investor pushback, feedback, and questions following our Top 420 Projects report and lower oil price forecast on May 15. Conversations largely centered on: (1) the 2015 event path for crude oil; and (2) potential supply/demand scenarios that could derail our medium-term and long-term oil forecast.


A Great Debate About the Future of Crude

Oxford Resource Explorer - Monday, April 13, 2015 by Sean Brodrick and David Fessler with Rachel Gearhart

As the turbulence in the oil market continues, there's controversy over the direction of oil prices moving forward. And, if you've read any of their recent articles, you'd know that our Oxford Resource Explorer Editors, Sean and Dave, have opposite opinions on what the price of oil will do next. That's why we decided to add a special Q&A debate session to this month's issue.

RG: Youu two clearly have opposite opinions on the direction of oil prices. Sean, why do you. think prices could still go down?


The Secret of U.S. Energy Success

Barron's Cover - Saturday, January 18, 2014 by THOMAS G. DONLAN

Liberty and property rights extract oil and gas for Americans.

It's not always true that the government must subsidize something to get more of it for the people. That is the default setting among politicians, as we can see from our national surpluses of grain, milk, unemployment, nonprofit companies, disabilities, and mortgage debt

There is another way. Consider the sudden expansion of natural gas and oil produced by hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.


See Quotes From Bob Harvey, President Of Harvest Petroleum, in the following article, when oil was far cheaper than today and his perspectives were spot on!

- By Al Pickett - Special Correspondent

Strong On Oil
Harvest Petroleum’s Bob Harvey says oil development opportunities are vital to smaller independents such as his company. “From our perspective, we do not want to spend a bunch of money chasing gas shales. A small independent has a tough time making money in a crowd,” he offers. “We are strong on oil. Our bread and butter is oil projects in which we can get a good product price without having to deal with so much competition."

Accordingly, Harvey says Harvest Petroleum’s strategy focuses on smaller-sized prospects in the Bakken oil shale in the Williston Basin and lower-risk opportunities in and near existing producing fields in the Gulf Coast. Harvest Petroleum operates a lease near Santa Fe, Tx., in Galveston County, and has a nonoperating share of a 12,000-acre lease in St. Landry Parish in Louisiana.

Smaller independents have to be oriented toward oil,” he claims. “All the big company budgets are going to shale. We can either tag along or look for oil plays appropriate for our size of company.” Harvest Petroleum is looking at several Gulf Coast oil opportunities and analyzing data, Harvey reports. “We have the drilling dollars,” he states. “We are looking for the right deals that fit our position. To justify going for it, we need an ‘oily’ project that fits our investment criteria.”...Go to Full Article

Washington Post Quote where his predictions about the market have come to pass - Feb. 2009.

Robert Harvey, the principal of Harvest Petroleum, Inc., a small firm in Frisco, Texas, said he's looking to invest in four or five drilling projects, perhaps spending as much as $ 2 million in the next couple days. Harvest Petroleum already has interests in wells in parts of South Louisiana and Texas. He figures the economy will rebound sometime next year, and so will the fortunes of the oil industry. "This is a chance to get some good prospects and ride this out, Harvey said. "This thing is going to turn around in 18 months or so, and 18 months is nothing in this business. We look at five, six, seven year horizons." Go to Full Article

Top ProjectBob Harvey, Scott Hector and Andrew Smith receives the honor of the Top Project from a panel of expert judges of American Association of Drilling Engineers.
July/August 1993

"The town may still be unknown to many, but in oil and gas circles the new-found Bixler gas field is synonymous with overnight success.

"We're very pleased with it." Scott Hector, the geologist, says of the discovery well that flowed at rates as high as 21 million cubic feet per day through a less than one-inch choke."
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