Harvest Petroleum
has been a registered Operator in Texas and Louisiana for oil and gas field operations since 1998 and with actual drilling operations for more than 10 years. Harvest Petroleum has actively participated in over 120 wells in different stages of oil and gas field development.

We work with industry partners concerning drilling, re-working, and improving existing production in West Texas and Central California.

Core Values...

* Striving for Excellence with a Focused Urgency
* Complete Research & Due Diligence on all of our Projects
* Mutual respect for all partners, vendors, consultants and affiliates
* Ethical Dealings with the industry we are in

Harvest Petroleum Team...

Bob Harvey - President, CEO.

Charles P. Hopkins - Consulting Geologist, Exploration and Production
Prior to being a consulting Geologist in January 2009, Charles worked for 30+ years in the oil and gas industry. Charles has a degree in Geology form University of New Mexico and an MBA degree from Texas A&M. Read Resume...

Michael R. Villalva - Petroleum Engineer
Mr. Villalva is a petroleum engineer with over 20 years of experience in many facets of the oil and gas industry - production, operations, drilling, completions, and reservoir engineering. Read Resume...

Gary Kornegay - Consulting Geologist For Bakken & Williston Basin

Dean Draper - Field Operations

Keith Baker - Consulting Geologist - Read Resume...

Christopher D. Solon - Acquisitions - Read Resume...

Paul Powell - Comptroller - Read Resume...

Harvest Petroleum Advisors...

Richard Berman - Harvest Petroleum Financial Advisor
Richard Berman’s business career spans over 35 years of venture capital, senior management and merger & acquisitions experience. In the past 5 years, Mr. Berman has served as a director and/or officer of over a dozen public and private companies. Read Resume...


We have operated or participated with other industry partners in the producing basins of Texas, Louisiana, California, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Dallas Geophysical SocietyDOGGR

Harvest Petroleum is a Member of SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers
Member of AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Member of HGS - Houston Geological Society.
Member of DGS - Dallas Geophysical Society
Member of DOGGR - California Dept. of Conservation - Operator #11072

Operator #363117 - Texas RRC.

Areas of Operations and Working Interests...

Harvest Petroleum operates and participates in projects in the Texas Gulf Coast area . Hardin County and the Galveston area are of primary interest to our type of projects.

Harvest has operated and has interests in Concordia Parish , Louisiana, near Natchez Mississippi.

Industry Participation History..

Oil & Gas Companies we have done business with:

* NuTech Energy Alliance
* Gaither Petroleum Inc.
* Hanson Production Inc.
* Hassie Hunt Production Inc. (Now XTO)
* Kaiser Petroleum Inc.
* Magnum Producing Inc.
* Merit Energy Inc.
* PetroHawk Operating Inc.
* Range Resources
* Samson Oil & Gas Inc.

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